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About Jakarta

Since its inception in 1999, Jakarta Manpower Services and under the chairmanship of Mr. Aqeel Al Mahari seeking Customer's Satisfaction and to maintain our position as a Regional Leader in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Manpower field, have built a solid foundation, since the beginning, aimed to provide high quality of labour services to meet the requirements of our customers professionally.

Work Strategy

Mr. Aqeel has taken a clamshell action to arrange a sophisticated strategy so that services are provided to the exact needs of our customers. Commensurate with the requirements and capabilities by providing multiple options from users including special skills for each user to meet all desired requirement.

Jakarta Manpower Services and staff are keen on keeping pace with all countries generally use our services globally through the contacts and attendance at conferences lots with services in the field of bringing in a show of compliance in line with development provided in accordance with international human rights laws.

Team work

Jakarta Manpower services has a team of staff with expertise in the area of recruitment of different nationalities (India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Philippines and Ethiopia) who are able to communicate with all workers and worker's supplier from different countries.

Our team is expert enough to find solutions as they are responsive to the customer's requirements in a good manner to keep the pleasures for all.

Jakarta Manpower Staff are always ready to serve customers in a professional way and they are processing services in general and specific appearance wearing their standard (uniform), so that customer can identify and differentiate staff. Our team had their special training to be able to deal with different qualification skills.

Communication skills

We provide an-online services to ease access and selection of our customer from home. Our online location displays all our Housemaid and skilled workers, in addition to the ability to communicate with our customers who already selected a specific housemaid/skilled worker in accordance with their special needs who will be given the chance to interview immediately.

We hereby present all thanks to the trust we have gained from our customers in the Kingdom of Bahrain and abroad.

We welcome your suggestions and complaints at any time.